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Release Date: 23rd May, 2011
Front Cover / Back Cover

Don't Carry

Don’t Carry was inspired by a documentary following soldiers and what they have to face on the front line. 


With a minimalistic lyric style that is a feature of a number of Last Approach songs, the hook gets to the point; "Please Don’t Carry me back home..."


The song starts with a riff that is one of the heaviest of the present LA catalogue and the first 2 minutes of the song thunders along, but then changes direction completely as the song chills out, allowing space and a haunted feel to the pleading chorus.


Freakin' Out

A fast driving song, this is the full unedited version.  It shakes up the traditional song structure, and builds up to a big driving sing a long chorus. 


It sums up living day to day, but with no chance of escape from the pressures and problems of everyday life; sometimes you need to kick out or freak out, without knowing why...and without caring at all!



With its haunting introduction, Drift is a slower track. 


Written about the person who cannot settle down, and although cannot help their restless existence, still thinks about the people left behind and wonders what they are doing and if they are remembered, but one day they will meet again on a cloud up high.


Looking Over My Shoulder

Characterised by its military sounding snare drum intro with its chiming guitars, Looking Over My Shoulder breaks into a driving big sounding chorus. 


This song tells the story of a break up, returning to a home to find that the other person has gone taking all their things, and looking around they see nothing left, as they have grown apart.


Thinking of tomorrow

A heavy introductory riff leads into another melodic tune, enhanced by the harmony vocal lines, finishing in an anthemic style outro chorus.


Thinking of Tomorrow tells the story of when you feel like you cannot live up to expectations or achieve what you hoped to, and are letting your loved one down. Tomorrow doesn’t always seem that great. 


You are torn between music and your love, you give them what you can; a song – ‘from me to you’


It's Too Late

A power ballad could be the best description for this song, with the acoustic intro and big chorus. 


Another song about the ups and downs of a relationship, and wanting to keep the love alive with a pleading chorus not to leave – before it’s too late!